Environment is nothing but our sorroundings, meaning that it is a combination of all the living and non-living things. This environment can also be defined as “External sorroundings and conditions which directly or indirectly affects the living organisms”. Environment is the sum total of air, water and land, the interrelationship among themselves with human beings and other living organisms. 
As what we can see know our environment is already now polluted, the trees is already cut down. The greeny things turn into ash because of the forest fire. Why did we do this to our nature? Because nature is free, we often take it for granted and over exploit it. We clear forest, overfish oceans, pollute rivers and build over wetlands without taking account of the impact this will have. By not taking into account the benefits we get from nature, we create huge social and economic costs for ourselves.

Take the amazon as an example. Amazon now is now demolished, all the trees has been turn intos ashes, 20% of our oxygen had gone already because we do not value our nature but more on the money, all we think is wealth and power. We didn’t think what are the consequences we did, what will happened to us in the future if the earth is cover by polluted air, sea and the land is cover by the buildings. We need to look at the value of nature in economic and social terms to help us better understand the full implications of the choices we make. Instead of making decisions based on short-term financial internet, we can look at the longer term benefits for people and the economy  and of course nature itself.
I really love photography, mostly i love seeing the nature, taking pictures of the nature. So if the nature will disappear i don’t know what to do, the amazon is one of the example, seeing the amazon turn into ash it breaks my heart that i can’t do anything to the amazon. So now i will just start here in my municipality/province by just segrating the trash is one of a big help already. If you don’t want to be  your loving place to be like amazon should not thrown away just trash anywhere. Maintain our nature to be clean and neat, Maintain the value of our nature

Published by RCaptured

Rei Aijylle Abenoja Estemera 16 years old, a Grade 11 student at Tupi National High School

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